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Widelands is a real time strategy game (RTS) something that is very much appreciated by lots of users that search an additional interactivity on shown games.

In Widelands you will have the opportunity to be a pioneer of a new sovereignty, since besides of the poor initial resources, with a little bit of experience, you will for sure make that your empire grows fast.

This way, you will have initially the opportunity to form your own tribe, being able to administrate each one of your tasks from your castle that will also be your General Headquarters to keep all your resources and money earned by an efficient administration.

In this game, it will be necessary to think big, since you will need to anticipate all the other tribe´s plans, which could wish to dominate your lands besides of deciding between negotiating and going to war. All depends on the way you manage your territory.

As being a governor or a king, en Widelands it will be possible to give tasks generating fast growth that will help you to build more tracks to transport your stuff to a safer place. This way, it will be possible to decide which buildings and how many of them to build in each zone of your territory. Besides, you will have the possibility to negotiate lands with the rival tribes that are near you, everything and much more in a very interactive game like that you can enjoy with Widelands.

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